Winnyvar (Modified S-4)

/Winnyvar (Modified S-4)

Winnyvar (Modified S-4)

Winnyvar (Modified S-4)



One of the first and most mild SARMs in the market today. Winnyvar gets its name exactly from what you would think. It’s a hybrid of the two: Winstrol and Anavar in terms of results. Women and men can both safely take this SARM in higher amounts without the negative side effects. Aside from the similarity between Anavar and Winstrol, it does help with vascularity and drying out for a show too.


Side Effects

Temporary “eye floaters” happen to many people, but it is temporary and not dangerous. Other than that, no known side effects at the recommended doses.




  • Beginner: 80mg
  • Intermediate: 80-100mg
  • Advanced: 100-120mg


  • Beginner: Ineligible
  • Intermediate: 10mg
  • Advanced: 20-30mg


Injection Frequency

The natural half-life of S-4 is 12 hours but being modified to injectable resulted in an increased breakdown by 8/10ths of a day, further prolonging its life in the body, giving the injection frequency to every other day or every third day and every fourth day for the XR version. 


Recommended Injection Sites

Glute, medial deltoid, quadriceps, tricep, bicep, chest


Syringe Type and Needle Gauge

Insulin syringe 29g x 1/2″


Recommended Stack

The “The Superman “- +Sarmbolone If you want the most effective pre-contest shred, this is the stack for it. Effective for getting that water off in the last few weeks and bringing out every fiber onstage. *Try rotating Sarmbolone with Ragebolone.

The “Dios Agun “- +Ragebolone Another pre-contest stack. Increase your strength while shredding, and it’s female-friendly. Don’t let that fool you into thinking its weaker, it earned its name for a reason. “The god of iron and war”.


When both energy and strength are needed, but the end result is a sculpted body made of iron. Whether it’s for a bodybuilding show, to make weight, or to just look your best, not only does this deliver, but it will do this while simultaneously preserving tissue.


Recommended Cycle Length

Personal preference, or until unwanted effects start. It is good to rotate any anabolic when a side effect occurs or want to change the desired effect.


Main Effects


Dryness Hardness
Vascularity Fat loss



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