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Magnalone (Modified injectable LGD 4033, Ligandrol Explanation)

Lagoon draw LGD 4033 oral versus Magdalene the intramuscular inject of LGD 4033 this is a current update on our unfinished research where we’ve experimented with all different dosages of oral LGD and also different dosage of intramuscularly first of all Trevor what is league and role either oral or injectable um it’s a selective you we already known SAS arm selective androgen receptor modulator and what this means is it’s supposed to work on just the angiogenic receptors found on the
skeletal tissue and not supposed to give you side effects such as steroids however taking it orally going through a liver does start to crash lipids and it does affect us hbg and turn crashes testosterone this is something we’ve been experimenting with for the last three and a half years on underground we update you with our experimentation after we get enough results that we’re pretty sure that we’ve isolated what’s true versus placebo and we have no motivation one way or another this is just reporting our findings we’ve
experimented with different dosages and oral we’ve experimented with dosages of up to 120 milligrams on the extreme high side with one individual and dosage is up to 50 milligrams on most professional or amateur level bodybuilders down to recreational weightlifters I have done a and Trevor’s gonna sell us how what’s the highest dosage you’ve taken orally and we’re gonna go to intramuscular dosage yeah I’ve done 100 milligram orally same with the s 23 in rad 140 and
there is a there is a difference the only one again is Austrian but there was a difference in LGD at a hundred but also more side effects so same like anything else and I’ve done dosages up to 50 milligrams from what I can remember sorry we’re not all your notes and from you because this is the accumulation of about three and a half years of research that we’re trying to summarize for you and the research is uncomplete which at the end we’re gonna ask you guys if you have anything to add to it well intramuscular injections what dosages are we going to be talking about
I’ve personally injected up to 50 milligram of intramuscular Magnum um how much of you injected I have done a hundred I’ve done it a couple times and I will say there was there was an improvement the significance between let’s say 25 and 50 is more so than the fifty to a hundred but the 50 to 75 is also another noticeable increase just that hundred doesn’t seem to give too much I wouldn’t yeah too much benefit over
your side effects so overall I haven’t experienced any serious side effects at any of these dosages oral or intramuscular intramuscular my highest dosage being 50 milligrams oral my head so she’s being 50 milligrams the the worst side effects I experience and these are all short cycles that are anything so we don’t know what happens if I or someone else was staying on this compound for a very long period of time but for me the worst thing I experienced was glycogen depletion which is that if I don’t eat enough I actually feel flat I feel weak it’s almost as if my muscles
are burning through my metabolism is increased too much with a high dosage which means that sometimes even lowering the dosage could be more effective because we take too much of these compounds and especially when we go into the bioavailability difference between oral and injectable we take too much of this compound it could actually make it harder to gain muscle because you can’t eat enough food to keep up with the increase in the metabolism so that’s just to clarify that – that’s the same if you have a fast metabolism and you’re taking a lot of antibiotics and I’ll
bring a bus Android for example only because he runs a lot of gear and notice that he talks about not doing cardio or not needing to do cardio part of this reason is the caloric demand requirements because of this and you’re talking about 50 milligrams of a substance doing the same thing so that’s also added when we talk about potency or its effects now when one test subject took 120 milligrams of oral lgd it was the most powerful anabolic stack he’d ever taken
and he has taken high dosage of gear as well so we know that LGD is already very effective in the oral form at extremely high dose Edge’s and with minimal apparent side effects like side-effects that he could actually see or feel and there’s a few documented online too with an addy who did the injectable LGD no cholesterol change no testosterone change so that’s another benefit all of this is going to be dosage dependent right though but if
we’re using a lower dosage of intramuscular magma loan then the oral dosage then is that why we’re expecting less side effects is just because we can use a lower dosage for a higher effect or is there other reasons why the there’s less side effects of the mag alone from your experience you get a double effect right because part or main the main reason for these side effects is the pass in the liver whether it’s a hundred percent bioavailable or not the
fact that it goes through your liver and gets broken down those metabolites before anything else and the fact that the extensive breakdown of hormones in the liver is another primary example for why SHBG crashes so you have two reasons liver and then the other being the lower dose you get less side effect no matter what it is however even though the c-max does this you’re still getting less you’re getting direct access to an
androgen receptor before it even touches the liver well one of the reasons why we’re doing this video right now is we’ve got the lab results back from one of our test subjects you ran 25 milligrams of injectable Magnum per week for one week no sorry 25 milligrams per day for one week and we noticed no elevation and liver enzymes in fact liver enzymes decreased we’re still within the normal range of what someone who’s weightlifting would have as their liver enzymes so the the Magnum had zero
effect on the liver enzymes which is usually how we determine whether there was liver toxicity so we know that both the LGG 43230 oral and the Magnum inject have minimal impact or no impact on the liver then why are you saying the fact that the oral passes liver creates more side effects than magma because it goes to your liver but it’s not damaging the liver so what is this what’s happening that it’s going through the liver that that if it’s
taken orally that could cause more side effects so your liver is basically what filters the content to go into your blood right so nothing talks and toxic gets directly into your blood well you’re giving this directly through a liver pass which let’s throw out bioavailability it’s already gave being broken down into its metabolites by your liver when you have especially sex hormones you take steroids for example look at even non methylated and methylated steroids and then take the
injectable version it’s identical same thing so bring up winstrol primo any one of these when you take it orally that extensive breakdown them sex hormones or even hormones in general even though they’re synthetic if you look at the chemical structure that’s being treated the same way we’re not getting that anymore but but oral winstrol is methylated oral winstrol is liver toxic so primo bone ism is it the liver toxicity that’s
creating the metabolite side effects no that’s just the fact that’s going to deliver whether it’s liver toxic remove so and then another one for example is to take THC tea if she happens to be one of the few that one of those metabolites the eleven hydroxy metabolite is hundred times more potent than the actual THC but you get micrograms of it it wears that metabolite created in the liver it’s being broken down by the liver into that metabolite yes are you are you also saying that then
the Magna loan or the ligand role as it goes through the liver is being broken down into other compounds that are having other effects on them their most most of those including seemless steroids are all inactive and tablets inactive meaning they’re not gonna have an impact on the body no just a waste okay but you’re but you’re predicting that the the oral ligand role is going to have more of a negative packed on shbg and our natural hormone balance they always react well because it’s going through the liver it always even though it’s not liver toxic yeah
yeah always way all right got it testing means nothing we’re gonna throw that out that’s gonna be more of the future some of the future experiments that we do we’ve done some experiments to prove or disprove that theory but we’re not finished and so we’ll update you with those experiments as they come in and then remember to cholesterol your cholesterol as a direct effect from the medication going through the liver when you say HDL LDL it’s not cholesterol per se it’s the lipoproteins or carriers in response that’s what’s
going through the liver and transporting alright so if if someone wants to send their lab work in which I encourage if anybody has lab work on the mag alone and especially if someone has lab work to compare the Magdalen to the oral to add to our research database I guess you could say of current lab work we have with test subjects then how do they send that to you turner well first of all make sure it’s certain if anybody is actually compounding it you get a HPLC
tested first because there could be other things in there the way it’s cooked and the materials that are being used in the environment is going to change all of your results you could take something that directly destroys your kidney which most of the UGL stuff does because these recipes are using are the same ones they’re doing online yes well that’s one of the reasons I started experimenting on myself and my friend started experimenting with sauces well is because I did not trust the information on the internet because I don’t know
whether the agency tested the ingredients that they were using and I don’t know if they accounted for all the different variables so that when we’re doing these experiments were accounting for the different variables and we HPLC tests the substances that we’re using which is extremely rare that’s why I just don’t read forums or if I do I just take it with a grain of salt and I sort of compare I need to see like ten results that have something in common from the internet before it’s relevant so I can compare it to my actual legitimate research I can give you just
quick examples on that if you took a dirty product something with a lot of bacteria you’re gonna see your entire immune profile change that will skew your results there you’re gonna see if they’re using very high solvent ratios bad chemicals to do this you’re gonna see you could see liver you can see kidney values your bun your B UN creatinine there is some even in localized injections you get protein breakdown there’s so much that goes into it so so when we’re saying the research
that we’re doing we are we doing research on HPLC tested rolling and roll and HPLC tested mag Malone Purdue’s in a very high quality environment with no toxins and no toxic chemicals using the main factory process that could skew the results of the actual active compound in the body alright so the positive effects just some difference between the ligand dry Laurel and the mag Malone because we both we know that they both build muscle that’s why most people use them potentially increased bone density
decreased recovery time increased strength and performance all the things that people use a performance-enhancing drug for obviously ligand all those that very effectively and we’ll compare it to some gear in a minute but there’s some positive effects that you keep mentioning that the intramuscular application has that the world version does not and that is local growth why do you think that it has local growth in the site it’s actually administered okay so this so far is hypothesis or theory I
bring this up because there is a compounding pharmacy license in Australia making it’s called s22 Forte which is Austrian they give these and 500 microgram injections always bilaterally it has to be given bilaterally and the reasoning is because they believe or they have seen yeah so one milligram would be their dose right 500 each microgram so remember that when you think about Austria that’s the compounding pharmacy
now whether that is in vivo or in vitro or a petri dish that’s of that’s another topic but also if that would hold true then if you were to do subcutaneous injections and have 500 micrograms you can literally give like five units on insulin syringe to do that you could get localized fat loss right because there’s androgen receptors found in the fat you would actually get a lipolytic effect thats arms never had before
directly and it’ll do that before it goes systemic okay two things I believe that your hypothesis is probably correct well that if there’s site local site growth because when we inject things like testosterone suspension or trend ballon suspension or other things that have no ester attached which is the most steroids have esters attached to them so they don’t actually have any effect on the local muscle tissue they’re actually
broken down the esters cleaved off to render the active core Mon which circulates the body fully and systemically so it creates systemic growth versus injecting something that has no ester that has immediate impact and a-feng and ready to attach the androgen receptor who’s that an accurate no no you have a pro drug person active right so pro drug is the ester find is a hormone yeah so when we talk about I say growth hormone is a precursor or it’s a
pro drug crack testosterone same we’re not getting just testosterone is not the reason why you’re growing you’re getting the IGF response glycogen it’s creating a cascade effect of hormones right well these aren’t pro drugs these arms the weights arms work on the androgen they work on the nuclear receptor completely different so as soon as you inject this it’s not you can’t even relate it to it but okay but okay trend balloons suspension just pure trend no
Esther injected into the muscle isn’t it gonna have a more of a muscle growth impact right there because it’s such a high concentration giving exactly the receptors so you’re gonna if most people yeah almost everyone when you give an injection say trembling right 100 milligram trend balloon it will cover all those angio receptors with testosterone and everything in you so when you inject it locally nothing’s really gonna happen and you’re saying that arms actually do have or Mangalam
will annoys the rest later you’re saying Sardu have a local growth because again nuclear receptor and the way these function are completely outside we’ve injected in the muscle isn’t it circulating through the entire body very quickly every range it’ll go systemic yeah i inject insulin to the muscle I mean yeah it’s systemic in my body very well because it needs the zinc when you give it subcutaneous it needs the zinc molecule presence not nothing to do a blood supply zinc is found everywhere so when you inject it I am or IV that’s the
reason why it needs to cleave it’s the hex or a ten chain I believe it is so it can’t get to it and the fat there’s none in there that’s one of the reasons why so I asked to go to it and that’s why it takes so if you were me and you’re preparing for this bodybuilding competition in a month like I am would you inject the mag Malone in the fat or in the muscle muscle and I say that because it depends right so it depends on your dosing if you were giving like a
full CC which would be fifty milligrams which is very high and there would be some I wouldn’t say water retention but it wouldn’t be something ideal for stepping on stage unless you wanted to fill out the day prior to it plus of the build-up effect if you put that whole cc in your fat there will be a lump there for a loop everyone’s different depending on your metabolism could be up to a week I mean you’re talking about a full CC right so it all depends on what carrier is used in your metabolism that’s why I wouldn’t
do that okay I prefer less needle sticks so the whole idea of shooting bilaterally half and half is not appealing to me you don’t need to you can do one day here that’s my friend there is a buildup on LGD so it doesn’t mean you’ll have to take it every day can be taking every other day because over two days it’s still going up actually right the administration frequency so the oral LGD is a 24 to 36-hour half-life so they say the
intramuscular I assume non extended release Magna lung is still somewhere around 30 24 36 hour half-life half-life would be pretty similar yeah but it would drop by probably six hours eight hours or so it would definitely you’ll see a c-max spike a huge spike versus the oral which tells you in a faster onset so that tells you the absorption as soon as you inject it it starts being a release very fast however when we say half-life half-life is different than
delivery right so we’re changing in delivery method we can also control the breakdown of the drug via delivery solutions and that’s what this is so half-life if it’s 24 to 36 hours it’s still gonna be the same because the active drug itself on the receptor it’s supposed to be bound for that time well half that time so when I was reading the studies they said that 3 milligrams oral LGD is actually very effective as an anabolic which is an
extremely low dosage and we’re talking about dosages way higher than that by the way that’s not this is known as a medical legal advice or any type of advice at all this is just our research and our communications we’re learning together but if if three milligrams oral is effective it would seem to me that with a half-life of an average of 30 hours I could actually inject magna lon once a week because if I was going to inject 25 milligrams if you looked at how much was in my bloodstream a week later because the half-life means how
much it degrades by half what period of time I’m still gonna have a significant amount of my in my body or at least on the receptors in bloodstream or on the receptor in which one he either really excellent or not attire he’s just regular Magdalene with a thirty hour half-life I could actually do twenty-five milligrams once a week I would still have more than the more of a dosage in my system than the studies that were done at the end of the week right yes but it would clear out of your system and then you’d have days without
a perceptive yeah I would never I would never do that without an anabolic foundation like without running TR to your no interest Austria oh yeah how nation but if it’s running tear to the foundation and I wanted to maintain some level of some anabolic level clinically anabolic level three milligrams mm-hmm it seems like I’d given just injected once a week all right everyone is like yeah but if you want in the clinical dose you would theoretically take three to five milligrams once a week to get the same
as that three milligrams are there well three milligrams injectable three to five y versus the three milligrams they give every day okay if you’re gonna relate the two I mean maybe ten milligrams Mac because I’m experimenting with dosages forty forty times the clinical dosage but that’s what we do that’s how we find out what the upper limit of these things are where the
plateau is what the side effects are and for me they say through three milligrams is is effective but I’ve I’ve injected fifty milligrams and it’s God mode yeah so yeah it’s it’s definitely fifty is noticeably more powerful than twenty-five milligrams whoa yes 100% and that’s kind of there’s similar or moans when we talk about that to where there is a significant difference as soon as you just twenty five let’s say for example Anna draw you go from that 50
milligram to that hundred milligram mark completely new drug now side effects growth everything the way it works completely different you have to remember that three milligram dose though look when you read the study you have to look at the patient so the patients were always older they were either they could be male but female as well so they take people with bone loss muscle wasting 3 milligrams is effective and that strong when they put on I believe 7 kilos or something like that in a three-month study so you have
to remember they may have if you read it may have a disease muscle wasting they may be age related to have no testosterone or they might not be bodybuilders who already have or so far beyond the natural potential yet yeah yeah so okay so we’re talking bodybuilder doses but experiment just keep that in mind when you guys read studies because it’ll throw these off alright so the negative effects we do know the LG has a negative whether that
matters for heart disease or not it still to be determined even doctors can’t they say that they can kind of predict heart disease based on LDL and HDL but the truth is there’s so many other factors in heart disease my LDL is messed up my HDL is messed yet and I’m not really worried about honestly I’m still gonna try to work on correcting it but it’s not a big concern I know that sounds crazy I’ll do a future video on the current status of my heart and my cholesterol but I would prefer to
administer all of these compounds in a way that has less of a negative impact on my cholesterol even though it’s not a big deal me I would still prefer that so how do I Trevor go about using either one of these to minimize impact on my cholesterol well first actually before I answer that every person who is cycling or taking steroids throughout their life if you don’t get cancer you will die of a heart issue directly related to steroids so cholesterol is a part of it
so just throw that it is important so worry about it but it is important so go back to the question I’m just gonna add one more thing what I’m most concerned about my heart is body size and I know I’m already far beyond what’s healthy for my body as far as my heart worked so hard to pump through this body so I’m more concerned about my body size than I am with my cholesterol and since I’m willing to compromise my car path with heart health in exchange for being as big as I am then cholesterol sort of a secondary issue to that that’s wise
priorities and keeping it relative right so how do I use these to minimize which one do I use these to minimize impact on my cholesterol and then I have a hypothesis for you have to hear what you have to say so definitely here because we do know oral sarbs affect cholesterol at least your HDL for sure this I can tell you but we still have to say it’s still a hypothesis or theory but it’s the same with steroids the oral verses
you inject again because of that hepatic pass is now completely different when it comes to your cholesterol a cascade of hormone effect SHBG so because of this liver pass remember cholesterol is different than HDL LDL those are lipoproteins nothing nothing to do they carry cholesterol so if you don’t eat enough cholesterol you will have bad cholesterol HDL will be down LDL will be up just from not having cholesterol so
have whole eggs right you need it to form your own opinion so but yes that’s gonna be what you would want to take my hypothesis also would be that we would be able to take a much lower dosage for the same anabolic effect of this which would then render less side effects overall so I can do instead of taking 25 milligrams of this or I know that sounds ridiculously high but let’s say for me instead of taking 25 milligrams this I could take 10 milligrams or five
milligrams this for the same positive effect but therefore because the low dosage is less and it’s not passing through the liver with less negative effect so let’s just bring up for example prima Bowl and acetate the tablets versus this so this is a good example aside from bioavailability when you look at when people take oral Prima bond you will have cholesterol issues depending on your dose if it’s five milligrams you won’t but the 50 to 100
milligrams you see a cholesterol drop and then when you take the injectable version at that same milligram do the experiment yourself it’s already set and so it’s been shown a thousand times okay effect on natural testosterone sex hormone binding globulin globulin free testosterone and luteinizing hormone follicle-stimulating hormone all the things that go into our keeping our reproduction system healthy and our ability to produce natural testosterone
do you think there’s a different effect on that between the intramuscular and the oral version yes so the main problem you’re gonna have you have a couple right so the active life of a drug or half-life the longer it is the more you will have the shutdown right so we do testosterone suspension you check your labs in a week do your anent they check your labs in a few weeks after that you’re gonna have a different curve right so the main result
of any testosterone suppression or any hormonal effect that you’re gonna have from an injectable Magne loan or SARM is this your body’s response to the increased level of androgens however again in theory that angiogenic response is going to be different because they’re not going to everywhere else in your body like a steroid is back to the nuclear receptors now those work so these are supposed to work skeletal tissue not go to organs not cause the
organ growth but also because of that and the liver pass testosterone won’t be affected mainly this is what’s happening is SP SHBG crashes when we take the oral again direct result from taking or your liver breaking this stuff down when this happens we go over it back to DHT the metabolites of the DHT is what’s causing that it’s causing a bad suppression DHEA
that’s why women get viralization so I mean we’ll go over it later but it’s o AR AR response your body’s response to an antigenic overload okay like fighter draw the only side effects you get from fighter draw are due to the AR response okay so so there’s the liver impact but then also it seemed like in my research a long time ago that there was some sort of feedback system
somewhere else other than the liver or the HPA axis that could cause your body to produce less testosterone like just the fact that the muscles are stimulated the injure acceptors are stimulated alone and that’s what you’re referring to yeah okay so it’s anything anabolic could potentially lower on the ant and there genic scale

Sarmbolone (S23) Overview

Sarmbolone s23 injectibles arm versus Sarmbolone XR extended release half-life this is not medical advice do not try this at home please consult a doctor before taking and why is this relevant because this determines the administration frequency the longer the half-life the less often it has to be administered and we don’t want a rollercoaster of anabolics in our system for most compounds we want to reach a balanced level and so it depends on how
long the half-life is as to how long we have to administer it to reach that sort of balance so that every day it’s not fluctuating too much so the sarn’t regular Sarmbolone has to be administered more frequently the XR can be administered less frequently what do you think the administration times are on these as far as it relates to the half-life so you can either say what is the half-life of each or what is the administration frequency of each okay so actually I’ll just give you both 
Sarmbolone regular would is a very short half-life so our injection frequency on that if female would Sylvia every other day and you can get away with this because the way it’s broken down with injection frequency you have to look at the effects the best 23 as an androgen right and building up those side effects would be bad for a female their dose in frequency is going to be different from the guy a guy can take it every everyday
and you can also get away with it every other day when taking just the normal now this is all too dependent on where it’s injected specifically its arm balloon if you were to inject subcutaneously you have a much much longer and actually kind of more stable half-life of the drug than you would I am I am it’s going to be rapid very rapid so let’s say you’re gonna do I am everything’s I am every other day is completely fine because it’s self s23 is
a very very short half-life fucking for six hours or so and then you adding something to this that increases it almost 24 hours so that’s why I say every other day is gonna be it’s not gonna kill you it’s not gonna build up any side effects either but if you do do this every day side effects will pick up so just on the internet it says the s 23 half-life’s roughly around 12 hours so yeah very very short that’s that for sure the aural get that one for sure
kids yeah so you think the XR then compared it so the the regular one as a short half-life needs to be administered either everyday or worst case scenario every other day there are females every other day might be advantageous more than ever yet everyday and how about the XR how about every how many days so the regular every other day I would say is your best bet we have to really cross that or look at it women versus men when
they’re taking these the women should not take extend to release anything never so they’re better off taking the regular form and giving a faster onset and a faster clearance right because when that builds up and it stays in your system longer and longer and longer and it never clears your side effects are gonna go the same way in s 23 book or SARM bloom being different from all the other storms you’re gonna have side effects you’re gonna have shut down so keep that in mind now the XR and if
we’re looking at 48 hours or so taking a booth injection frequency of the regular XR is gonna be just like the Magna low when you say two-thirds times longer so you’re gonna get roughly four to five days or so on the the XR version not as long as the Mangalam but that’s due to the actual half-life of the drug itself and then on top of it how it’s made does it work like this – if I if I want to have in my system 20 milligrams
of s 23 in my system per day if I’m doing the regular version of SARM blown every other day then I’m going to do 40 milligrams every and if I’m gonna do the Samba loan XR every four days then I’m going to do 80 milligrams of the sorrel and XR once every four days so that it equates to 20 milligrams per day is that the way the math works no but I mean in theory it when you say it like this it makes sense but how your body
metabolizes it is completely dependent on the person I mean getting ready for a show you can’t even this extended release you can have this out of your system if an hours versus a day versus days that’s the same for steroids – yeah but it’s how you metabolize this and that’s going to be dependent on metabolism the person there’s so many other factors so all we can do is really speak to sort of an average because every body is different in the state of their body and and where it’s injected intramuscular and you in
subcutaneous whether it’s injected into a muscle that has a lot of blood flow versus less blood flow if you wanted that equation to be accurate subcutaneous would be the best bet with a subcutaneous injection you have the most sustained release of it you don’t get these sharp up-and-downs like you would through an I am have you tried it subcutaneous have you tried it into the fat like pinched the fat and injecting the fact is I’ve oh yeah put all these in my muscle so I mixed my I mixed my back bacteriostatic water because there
were amber bottles with actually this arm below and speaking of sorry below and I was doing the subcutaneous injections of my tv:500 thinking it was back water and so yes I was doing sub-q injections for a while until I switched to the other one because one of them is peg base right you don’t really want to put that into your your fat subcutaneous the other having some being oil-based or fatty fatty base you can put subcutaneous all day long totally fine and but yes I was doing the
only side effect you’re gonna get is it sits there a little bit long so let’s like you have some water under your chin we sure that maybe extra fabric goes right over the swamp or from freedom thank you you guys like this video then check out this video because I think you’ll also like it whereas these videos are too lame free to check out the uncensored content

Injectable Sarms | Subcutaneous Injection

Magne loan LGD 4033 half-life vs. magna loan XR half-life XR stands for extended release both of these are injectable forms to contrast that with most the data you see online when it comes to LGD 4033 is relating to the half-life of the oral form so let’s hear what you think the injectable forms half-life are Trevor and compare them to each other because you have some numbers that are a
little bit different than what you read from some of the oral dosages online that are just summaries of people giving sort of advice on how to use these things yeah so oral dosing of magna loan or the LGD 4033 is it’s 24 to 48 hours right you have to remember this or they say 36 online but in the studies when they’re giving this to the people and they’re checking blood levels constant through the day and then the next day what they found is this overlapping effect or accumulative effect so the
hormone staying in their body for over 48 hours it’s just it starts to diminish at that point so half-life you’re looking at even when you say 36 hours you just reach your half-life it’s still going to be another 48 hours or 36 hours as it comes down so it keeps building up as they were taking the dosages and when this happened this went from taking every day to taking every other day and that’s how I kind of learned – for females not taking it every day and rotating same with the s 23 I noticed
that with a lot of the female athletes when they were taking the oral version you would have them take like even really low dosage like 5 milligrams every other day yeah or 10 milligrams every other day not even every day so with the injectable version we did it during the enhanced transformations every day and we were doing a high dosage like 50 milligrams but if we’re doing such a high dosage like that I guess we could actually do it once every 3 or 4 days because the higher the dosage the longer that an adequate
dosage is gonna stay in the system but let’s just say we’re gonna use a conservative dosage they’ll say I’m going to do like ten milligrams injections would that be something I would want to do every day or every other day or every other three days if it was regular Magdalene are you telling my extender regular regular would be every other day would probably be your best bet kind of like propionate testosterone propionate everybody injects pretty much every other day yeah times every propionate I would say it’s a little bit shorter it still is shorter than
propionate yeah it would still be shorter and again this isn’t like suspension it’s not like putting testosterone base with some peg in water and you shake it up with your queen in it it’s actually a solution right and so your body still has to get to this hormone as if wouldn’t it’s inside this polis so it still is a depo like a depo shot and it does increase the half pipe just as is depending on what’s in it now if it was like a tween solution with pay it’s gonna be like it’s gonna be an instant
effect and how about the XR version how much do you think that extends the half-life or the administration frequency so if with the Magna loan regular version I can do it every other day how often can I do the or how if I guess I’d be using the extended release if I didn’t want to administer it that often so how infrequently could I administer the XR and still maintain adequate anabolic blood levels so okay the only problem with this is it’s the
same with an enthe it’s the same assistant on it’s always gonna peak faster and then it’s still gonna be in your system you’ll still see it but it’s gonna gradually taper off so when you say how long can you do go without another shot you can go a while but you still might get this effect now the benefits though of the Magna loom or arms in general is we’re not having the hormone effect right we’re not having this cascade effect oh we’re not cannot converting either like if with testosterone if we inject too infrequently we have these big spikes we
converted all the estrogen and DHT and then we crash down and we have a deficient amount and then we spiked up and we convert too much with any aromatize incor moans and that’s not an issue with the Mangala not nearly as much and again it’s not affecting your your endocrine system as much as a hormone would so when this happens it’s okay it’s still working on the receptor so but keep that in mind it’s not going to be an exact peak where once every 10 days something like this the current version right now you can
get away with every five seven day five six days or so roughly now that’s a rough number because what you would do is say you would take the Magna loom and then you would say this is given the last two thirds longer right so that’s up to the 48 it was a 48-hour half-life you would say two thirds times so you’re looking at about five and a half six days so every five days or so you’re good to go seven days you’re still fine but pushing it a little bit it’s all
about how much you’re gonna taking that first over so when when Trevor said that it’s not going to have as much of an effect as a robot izing steroids he means that it’s not gonna have any effect as far as conversion to estrogen or DHT but it still has some effect on your body’s own homeostasis in its own natural hormone production which means that if you’re gonna have this huge spike in dosage because it’s being injected and it’s such a huge amount so infrequently like once a week yes we’re still gonna have adequate blood levels
to be anabolic all week but because of these big fluctuations we’re gonna be messing more with our body’s own natural hormone production because there is other hormones besides just testosterone that are impacted when we take other anabolic substances and we want to we want our bodies to reach as much homeostasis as possible as far as producing some of those other smaller hormones that are still helpful and synergistic with the Magna lung yeah exactly and then again the latest version I guess that will be out you’re
gonna look at say once every two weeks or so and much preferred too because of the way it is not all of them are bound to the system right you have some of them that are free some of them on that short chain some that would be longer so it would be closer to I guess us than on shot you get more of a lingering rather than despite these swells Wolfram free to pioneer human evolution you guys like this video then check out this video because I think you’ll also like it or if these videos are too lame for you to check out uncensored contents and about TV

Initial First Experience/Side effects with INJECTABLE SARMS

What’s up everyone its Russa I hope everyone is doing well so today’s video I’m going to be comparing injectables arms to oral administered storms so if you guys have been following my social media I highly suggest you follow me on Instagram in case anything happens to this youtube channel at russo lifts simply shoot me a follow on there you can message me interact with me i have daily q and a’s but if you guys before
me on instagram you know i have participated in the week transfer crazy psycho transformation where i put on some tissue in a week gained over 30 pounds on the scale in a week most of it being water glycogen but significant amount of lean tissue one of the main androgens in the cycle was injectable lgd 4033 so i’m one of the first experiences that I’m gonna put online about the injectables arms I do
have my friend who lives in Macedonia alikum a trip ski here an injectable s4 so I’m gonna be weighing in some of the input he gave me as well on his experience with injectable s4 versus oral s4 and then I have the experience with the LGD so I can say right off the bat way stronger insane I think the thing is gonna change the game in my opinion what I do want to see what I didn’t get to see is the side effects
the effects on blood work the the ruining of good cholesterol I want to see you know if it’s healthier than you know blasting laurels or injecting a hardening compound or a mass gaining compound on top of your test if replacing it with you know a select of a more selective higher binding affinity ejectable SARM is healthier than you know the injectable hardening gear is normally used in bodybuilding that I
don’t know that I need to see I do believe Alec did get blood work done and it came back good but he was on only injectable s4 and birth control for his estrogen so his cycle was pretty pretty low I can’t really use my cycle for a health prognosis of what it affects in the injectable method as far as side effects go because there are so many other things combined with it that you
know it’s hard for me to isolate and that’s also a disclaimer it’s hard for me to isolate from this cycle but I did get a lot of the high dosage lgd side effects from the injectable lgd so if you guys have been following me for years like some people a couple years ago I did or two years ago or something I did the high dosage lgd 4033 experiment where I got myself up to way
above what people were going as far as LGD I don’t want to discuss specific dosages because I want to get banned on YouTube but it was way above what you normally read online and it absolutely suppress the shit out of me it was the worst PCT ever and it probably crushed my cholesterol which I brought back with car terrine later but yeah it was pretty brutal at that dosage in the side effects so the body temp increase and
the cramping how would you do 4033 the biggest side effect I know besides you know the obvious cholesterol skew is the cramping which basically like I would drive home from the gym and if I was just flexing my triceps with a little too hard it was just completely charley horse that was happening to me like all the time with the injectable LGDs I probably need to drop the dosage which means it’s a street which means it’s extremely potent now alec has an even
better understanding of how strong it is because I don’t remember the specific dosages I’m not going to talk specific this just because I don’t want to get banned on YouTube but with s4 we all know that that causes eyesight issues and the higher dosages so he basically almost went blind from his experiments with the injectable s4 in the the dosage that he thought he could tolerate but it
was way more potent to a point where he was having a lot of trouble seeing so that means there was a lot of a are binding going on in the eyes a lot more than the oral form so I can say probably without a doubt that it’s way more potent than oral storm’s it may change the game but you know the disclaimer is there’s no real good blood work to read yet and you know you don’t know the dosages that you know no one has figured
out the dosing chance if you even want to utilize it I definitely if you plan to experiment with your rat would start very low and then work your way up because it’s not gonna be it’s gonna be much more potent than the oral form but that’s my experience it gave me the moonface typical LGD side for me body heat increased body temp increase and the cramping was the biggest I know the cramping was much more insane than even
the high dosage LGD 4033 experiments which leads me to believe that it’s much more potent and as the blood work comes out we might find out that it’s either worse for your health or a lot healthier than regular injectable hardeners like master on and stuff like that you know if you could added an injectable Austrian or injectable West 23 you know would you have relatively less side effects than the current hardeners that go around the bodybuilding world I don’t
know that’s what makes it cool because it’s new but that’s my personal experience with it and I only have a week experience with it I will get Alec a YouTube channel if you guys give this video a thumbs up where we can discuss more into detail on his longer injectibles arm experiment where he was basically utilizing storms only because it’s hard for me to pick out from that massive cycle but I remember their specific side effects are pretty much only with me cause from high dosage lgd
and it was brutal so yeah that’s my experience with injectables forums help everyone as well and subscribe if you’re new here follow me on instagram at russo list and i will see you in my next video.

Injectable Sarms | Magnalone (LGD 4033) Half Life

subcutaneous arm injections dr. Hughes coach Trevor and I’ve actually never done a subcutaneous arm injection which is where we’re injecting it into our fat layer instead of our muscle layer but this is becoming an increasingly popular administration method amongst TRT doctors and the reason why they’re doing this is because it disperses slower in the fat cells which means less injection frequency so doctors are having their patients inject the testosterone into
their fat cells so they can do an injection once every 10 days instead of once every 5 days whether those days are exactly accurate ah that’s beside the point the point is injecting into the fat layer instead of into the muscle layer results in a slower dispersion which means less frequent required shots now you have done in subcutaneous you’ve injected into the fat cells injectables arms likes arm below and Magnolia and Paulette onic have you experienced any net anything negative from that and the
itchy and swollen and do you think that the subcutaneous injections were of sarbs worked in the same fashion as testosterone in which the half-life would be extended which means we could inject it less frequently if we injects it into the fat cells yes similar I mean it’s you’re looking at the only reason why it takes so long to break down on your subcutaneous tissue or in your fat is because for this one blood supply lack of blood when we’re talking about insulin we’re talking about our mineral no jink but here we have lack of blood
that’s getting to the area so with steroids take testosterone Entei for example one it’s 30 days about how long it takes to disperse now the ester when you ester Phi something it’s not exact how your body’s going to metabolize it some people three days seven days get the piece yeah so the ester says that the half-life is 12 days yeah but that doesn’t necessarily mean your body’s gonna treat it like a half-life of 12 days as far as how fast your body actually breaks it down it’s yeah and it
might take your body a week to really recognize this and produce enough enzymes to break it down there’s so many factors involved but anyway with subcutaneous you don’t have this necessarily especially with thus arms right so we take any SARM for example put it subcutaneous and we have it active life or a half-life of 24 hours let’s say that’s always gonna remain the same at the receptor how much of it is can they get pulled from the fat into your blood supply is the only difference right so same thing with the steroid if it’s gonna be roughly 30 days
at a very it’s a very easy trackable number where you’re not doing this it’s kind of like this sits like that and then slowly dies down with a SAR I’m not having an ester you’re gonna get almost the exact same effect on that chart of just a constant because there’s always a constant and how much it can take from the fat when you tell you my blood moving through so yeah so it’s like a built-in mechanism to give slower dispersion of the SARM and in a similar way but even more predictable than it is with testosterone or steroids yeah they actually do it now
with nanotechnology doing it certain taneous injections okay now I don’t like injecting subcutaneous because sometimes I end up with this lump and red spot and itchy and you know especially because I don’t have any fat anywhere on my body I only have it in my lower abs and lower back and that’s a place that I really don’t want an unsightly lump and that’s what I used to get when I tried injecting testosterone into my stomach fat is then I would have a little lump and I thought well if someone’s really fat and they injected in their fat
they’re not gonna notice a little lump so I understand why that makes sense but if someone’s super lean yeah and has a very thin layer of fat and you inject something in it of course you’re gonna have a pocket of that oil or solution because that pocket is the reason why it has a delayed dispersion it’s that pocket that is is slowly shrinking as its releasing thus are more the steroid into the bloodstream yeah so did did you try the subcutaneous and if so what happened yeah so I’ve done subcutaneous
with steroids before I need to know who made it or what was inside of it before but I have done the Jake force arms one of them was by accident or two of so I’ve done what I’ll say first of all the side effects you will get the itchy burning these are all from solvents Co solvents and carriers that are being used the hormone itself does not really cause this aside from say winstrol or bass kind of compounds because they are like crystals sitting in there so that
being said if you take the pegylated version or any other ones I have pagan it polyethylene things of this nature redness itchiness swelling that kind of stuff yes you’re gonna get it same with steroids if you have too much pens away it depends on alcohol yeah why I call whatever it is you’re gonna get that effect if you’re gonna just use subcutaneous injections you want something with these solvent the problem with the charity doctors here they’re always using sip your name sip you Nate no matter what you have to use a burn
amount of solvent in there so you’re gonna get redness itchy it’s gonna that all that you get is more so inflammation than it is the actual oil then the other good news is this arms are so concentrated at these dosages 50 milligrams shot could theoretically last you I mean that’s ten days worth of storms right there so once every ten days that oil pockets gonna go away in a matter of three to five days okay I guess if I were gonna do a
subcutaneous the way I would approach it is I would just use maybe 0.1 ml or pointone CC a very small amount to see if it’s gonna cause any irritation or a lump and then the next day maybe I’d increase to the normal dosage but always starting with the most the absolute lowest dosage to assess if there’s any extreme sensitivity or or allergy or anything else to any of the other components in the compound besides the actual sarmento it’s actually a very good idea at a good point as to always start low but if you were to do higher
injections and a larger dose our higher volume with less frequency it’s all gonna be there if you’re visibly gonna be able to see it for a few days the other part is you’ve got to get a deep subcutaneous you cannot use those quarter inch or whatever they are five five eighty five eighths is yeah don’t use the short ones the short tips I’m not gonna be good because the closer it is it’s called subdermal that’s when you no matter what you take you’re gonna get redness at unisza so always always go to the area with the most fat which
is usually by the inch or inch and a half and diameter around your belly button so try and get to that fast even if it’s back here they’ll get less side effects as well you swollen to old friends three to five years ago you guys like this video then check out this video I think you’ll also like it or if these videos are two lanes would you check out the uncensored content anabolic

Bridging With Injectable Sarms | Coach Trevor & Dr Tony Huge

bridging with injectables arm so there’s a number of people running experiments where they’ve done a steroid cycle and they come off the steroids but they want to stay on something anabolic between one cycle and the next because they want to maintain as much of their games as possible so they are theorizing that the injectable storm’s could be the ultimate bridge because they’re less suppressive than the oral Solms so they could take the same dosage as the oral SARM with
more effect and less suppression or they could even lower the dosage to be even less suppressive and have more of an anabolic effect to bridge between cycles so since you are an expert in steroids cycles and bridging and blasting and cruising do you think that this strategy makes any logical sense do you think it would be an effective bridge and do you think that bridging in general is a good idea or a bad idea in steroid in your
steroid philosophy you either you either take a break or you stay on it’s kind of one of those when I hear bridge I’ve seen I can’t tell you I mean I’ve seen actually where they call it bridging cycles and they’re taking three different drugs the purpose of a bridge just to get you to last till it makes cycle and keep your size so what you should do is take your testosterone let me go through your PCT and then continue your testosterone dose one hundred
hundred fifty milligrams a week that’s it and the only thing is now we do have the injectables arms and to have less suppression than even the oral counterpart you know now we’re able to actually bridge and call it a bridge and not laugh at the person so yes you can bridge on the ejectable Psalms and HCG I think is a perfect combo because if you’re doing say 10 milligrams I LGD is what it takes for a 200-pound bodybuilder to maintain a size or even
progress the poor you have to think back what’s the purpose of your bridge is it for maintaining the size but you’re taking time off from hormones because of your health because if that’s the issue then sure you know this is a great option but if you’re doing it for anything other than androgen receptor sensitivity of things like that then you just keep going just keep running your cycle so my strategy has been pretty much just stay on I just rotate compounds but in my early steroid experiment days I was practicing with
bridging so I would do a cycle and then I would say well health is a priority so I want to come off I want to resynthesize my receptors this is my logic back then and I want to get my blood work normal again and my lipid profile normal and let my liver rest maybe even work out a little less hard let’s push less pushing my body focus on health and longevity for a short window of time between my cycles and I would do the Austrian and I would do 20 milligrams of Austrian between two steroid cycles and that would be
attained my gains but I had no side effects of low testosterone so I felt like that was a pretty good bridge when I dropped down to 10 milligrams of Austrian I noticed I started losing size yeah and so I don’t think that either one of those caused me much suppression but I I think that anytime you are doing a high dosage of things that are anabolic and you built a lot of muscle based on that and you drop the dosage you come off of all these things you’re going to lose some of your size so you think that we can get the best of both
worlds we can actually maintain a lot of that size with a low-dose injectable sarbs while still allowing our blood work to improve that’s the point so I’ll put it out there right now put money on it how I’ve looked at it I would put money on any bodybuilder who could actually run this or do this at 200 210 pounds give or take I guarantee you you could put on muscle on your PCT by doing it with the injectable sign and then recover at the same time not good
actually build muscle not just maintain yeah okay they get the dosing difference right and if we’re getting less depression to zero suppression off half the dose or the same dose rather but it half the dose to do the same thing or less now we can double our dose with less side effects and get quadruple the effects okay but if someone could use injectable CERN’s and build muscle while still getting benefits of a PCT not necessarily all the benefits but a lot of the benefits why would someone even do a steroid cycle in the first place
when they could just do basically the bridge or the PCT with the injectables arms and be building muscle anyways and then not even need to have to come off so I actually questioned that myself because I was doing the experiments on the injectable arms and I was you know Guinea pigging every SARM and seeing what the effects would be and I got which is amazing is each one has has its own side effect whether it’s positive or negative about their benefits you mentally or not so this being said when
I thought there were a complete replacement throw steroids out and even now tell you without with God honesty I would never need to look another steroid again I’m okay I don’t need to one I don’t really care for it but to peace with these arms I mean there’s no no hormone that could do anything that these can’t the potential just keeps going up so the only thing that the conclusion that I came to though was the best would be the combination so doing a
hybrid and it’s not doing steroids only the best injectables arms only these are the best because and here’s why you have testosterone we can’t replace that testosterone has its effect you need to have testosterone so that’s going to be a staple in the cycle you have other hormones where the side effects are actual benefits as well when we just talked about progesterone IGF levels things like this you can’t replace that now whether there’s arms that are doing this we just don’t know because there’s
no studies done on it you know that’s another thing but and as terms of now the combination the two would I think be the best bet yeah because Psalms are designed to have a higher affinity towards the the antigen receptors inside muscle but there are other receptors and the rest of the body that have indirect effects on muscle building and the benefit of steroids is that they are less selective towards muscle tissue so
they do all these other things in the body which could support growth the drawback is by doing other things in the body that’s how we get side effects so the side effects of steroids are actually not side effects they’re actually effects but imagine this – so that being said you had to take 800 milligrams in Angela to get that anabolic effect whatever it was that it was doing to get that effect well let’s take a SARM we completely covered the androgen receptor we don’t have to worry about that anymore we get some of this
arm effect outside now let’s say we wanted to run the nandrolone it’s gonna be out bound by this you’re gonna get post mediated effects so you don’t have to take 800 milligrams you can take 200 now and get all the benefits you need it off it that’s brilliant because what we’re seeing is that the thus arms have a higher binding affinity than a lot of the steroids which means that we we only have so many receptors in the body we start taking a high dosage us arms and occupy those receptors then these other
steroids that we’re taking we take in much lower dosage because we’re not using them for the antigen receptor we’re using them for the other indirect effects and benefits that they have which could also mean more side-effects which is also another reason to lower the steroid dosage when we’re using thus arms yep absolutely brilliant and that’s the theory that’s the hypothesis but that’s also proven to be true by our experiments these swollen swole Friends of freedom pioneers of human evolution more cutting-edge content on the daily
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Injectable SARMs and Liver Toxicity

liver toxicity of injectable forms I’m dr. Hughes just coached River and I have here my lab work just got it back yesterday on injectables arms so I was cycling between magna loan with LGD 4033 SAR Malone s 23 and the follow tonic the Y K 11 so all of those I took in very high dosages within a window of time before this blood work so that if any of
them were liver toxic at all I would show liver toxicity on this lab work now the two tests I got done although there are two other tests you could get done and one of them being the most accurate but these are the first indicator tests that we always do when we’re testing liver toxicity my ast was 49 my alt was 49 these are the lowest I’ve ever seen my liver toxicity now I’ve done my liver tests on steroids
I’ve done right here I’ve done my liver tests on oral Psalms and I’ve my liver values have not been this low in in as long as I can remember it was funny yeah when you said that yeah what can cause liver enzymes the increase is also hard training now I had pulled my leg my hamstring so I wasn’t training as hard so that would cause a decrease in my liver enzymes and my liver enzymes are still elevated beyond the normal range
normal a zero to forty zero to forty four but I’ve only ever seen someone in range who’s like natural and not training hard pretty much everybody I’ve seen who’s training hard is outside normal range and by a little bit is that nurse worked out the night before yeah and then I would refer back to training hard don’t think your training yeah actually that’s that’s why I think I got the lowest numbers it’s not it’s not that the injectables arms lowered my liver enzymes it’s not that the
injectables arms are less toxic than not taking him checked farms it just so happens to be that I wasn’t training hard during this this blood work because of my hamstring yeah bassoon you weren’t training before that oh I’m never okay that’s true III was I haven’t trained really hard since before I began steroid because I was afraid I would hurt my heart until I got my echocardiogram that shows my heart is in flawless condition despite six years of abuse you could say us to go ahead
because the trains is awesome so then I sin I decide to go train hard like actually for the first time in six years train by my definition hard which is far harder than I ever seen anybody else train in the gym hard like I used to train back when I was natural and I pulled my hamstring because I’m not used to training that hard so bottom line is the results showed that in my body although it could be different in anybody else’s body so I’m gonna have someone can have some extreme
sensitivity or or some weird downstream effect but in my body injectibles arms none of those three that I mentioned have any liver toxicity whatsoever yeah that means your lips do show it your liver is the lowest I’ve seen your liver enzymes when I’d seen your work previously I didn’t know I thought this was the same one and so I read that and they had to look again to make sure so we’ll do we’ll do more videos on the different parts of my lab work that were affected or not affected by injectable
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Injectable SARMs side effects | Impact on Cholesterol

impact of injectable Psalms on my cholesterol my lipid panel so I have here my newest lab results I did a previous video on the liver toxicity of the injectable storms and now we’re gonna see how they affected my triglycerides my HDL my LDL most importantly for me is my HDL because that’s always extremely low so I went back through my lab work over the last
couple years sort of get an idea of what an average is because in the last couple years I was switching between steroids and oral Psalms and we did a couple injectable Sarma’s experiments very short a long time ago for safety purposes but it’s only recently that I actually ran only injectables arms for an extended period of time at very high dosages and cycling between the different ones so I can’t tell you which injectables arm has which exact effect on HDL and LDL but what I do see is that my HDL is the highest it’s been in a really long time HDL went
up to 18 I know for a lot of people are saying that is dangerously low that’s terrible but for me that’s pretty good because my average HDL is between 8 and 16 so to have not just like high end of average but outside of the normal range high HDL means that my cholesterol is actually improving like the longer I’m doing injectable Psalms the more my my cholesterol is improving now that’s not to say that inductive arms are good for
our cholesterol panel it just means that it is less bad for my cholesterol panel then either the oral Psalms were or the injectable steroids or oral steroids were because my HDL was not improving on either of those but is now finally improving now my LDL was 170 which is also high because normal would be 0 to 99 but I looked back at the average of my LDL and it’s between 160 and 195 so
I’m still I actually I’m still kind of in the middle but on the lower side my average as far as my LDL and the injectibles arms so I’d say that it’s it’s it’s the injectables arms and again we don’t know which ones may be better for cholesterol worse version of cholesterol we can say as in general that the injectable sarbs had less of a negative impact on my LDL and my HDL cholesterol yeah I would say they don’t
impact your cholesterol as in they don’t make it better or make it worse the oral sermons are always gonna your cholesterol is always going to get hit and that’s again because it goes through your liver and when it goes to your liver those lipoproteins are carriers and those are carrying those hormones so when you take storms or early you’re always gonna change your lipids your triglycerides it’s always gonna have an effect when you’re injecting one of the hypotheses that we came came to was that HDL should actually increase or get
better then it would be on a steroid cycle but still not really affect the LDL so not make it better or where it’s just not a fake yo-yo well that’s what the lab results prove yeah but remember this is only one experiment we are doing other experiments we have other experiments and but we’re waiting to gather more data until we can say this is generally the concept that’s why this video is only about my particular lab work just because it just came in and I don’t want the information to get stale in the future we’ll compare it to other people’s experiences as far as how
their lab work is impacted by using injectables arms yeah we need at least at least about six weeks to eight weeks worth of these labs to really see what changes for the long term works getting there but when you say cholesterol changes that’s our nine zero zero nine and GW I think you’re the next ones to try some to actually fix the cholesterol yeah yeah be swollen full friends freedom pioneers of human evolution more cutting-edge content on the daily its subscribe button if

Side Effects With Rad 140 HIGH DOSAGE Inject | Sarms Review

liver toxicity of injectable forms I’m dr. Hughes just coached River and I have here my lab work just got it back yesterday on injectables arms so I was cycling between magna loan with LGD 4033 SAR Malone s 23 and the follow tonic the Y K 11 so all of those I took in very high dosages within a window of time before this blood work so that if any of
them were liver toxic at all I would show liver toxicity on this lab work now the two tests I got done although there are two other tests you could get done and one of them being the most accurate but these are the first indicator tests that we always do when we’re testing liver toxicity my ast was 49 my alt was 49 these are the lowest I’ve ever seen my liver toxicity now I’ve done my liver tests on steroids
I’ve done right here I’ve done my liver tests on oral Psalms and I’ve my liver values have not been this low in in as long as I can remember it was funny yeah when you said that yeah what can cause liver enzymes the increase is also hard training now I had pulled my leg my hamstring so I wasn’t training as hard so that would cause a decrease in my liver enzymes and my liver enzymes are still elevated beyond the normal range
normal a zero to forty zero to forty four but I’ve only ever seen someone in range who’s like natural and not training hard pretty much everybody I’ve seen who’s training hard is outside normal range and by a little bit is that nurse worked out the night before yeah and then I would refer back to training hard don’t think your training yeah actually that’s that’s why I think I got the lowest numbers it’s not it’s not that the injectables arms lowered my liver enzymes it’s not that the
injectables arms are less toxic than not taking him checked farms it just so happens to be that I wasn’t training hard during this this blood work because of my hamstring yeah bassoon you weren’t training before that oh I’m never okay that’s true III was I haven’t trained really hard since before I began steroid because I was afraid I would hurt my heart until I got my echocardiogram that shows my heart is in flawless condition despite six years of abuse you could say us to go ahead
because the trains is awesome so then I sin I decide to go train hard like actually for the first time in six years train by my definition hard which is far harder than I ever seen anybody else train in the gym hard like I used to train back when I was natural and I pulled my hamstring because I’m not used to training that hard so bottom line is the results showed that in my body although it could be different in anybody else’s body so I’m gonna have someone can have some extreme
sensitivity or or some weird downstream effect but in my body injectibles arms none of those three that I mentioned have any liver toxicity whatsoever yeah that means your lips do show it your liver is the lowest I’ve seen your liver enzymes when I’d seen your work previously I didn’t know I thought this was the same one and so I read that and they had to look again to make sure so we’ll do we’ll do more videos on the different parts of my lab work that were affected or not affected by injectable
sarbs next the swamps wolf rents the freedom pioneer human evolution the more cutting-edge content on the daily its subscribe button

Initial Results/Side Effects With YK11 Inject | Sarms cycle Review

What’s up everyone its Russo I hope everyone is we subscribe here and please follow me on instagram at Rousseau lifts in case something happens to this channel you can follow message me interact with me directly and there’s daily content on there hope to see you guys on Instagram and what’s up everyone its ruse I hope everyone is doing well so switch this arm cycle again moving into a new compound like I said the last episode of the our ad injectable was released yesterday and honestly you know if I
continued with the our ad I could have got a greater recom progress but really you got the gist of it it was really about comparing oral administration to injectable administration seeing if there was any actual advantage over oral administration or if it was just all hype but I say that it’s way stronger and the bioavailability difference is crazy and you basically get the gist of what would happen you know with our ad
if the cycle continued forward and if people are looking into our ad they kind of have a gist of what to expect and what they need to you know what risk and rewards they have to weigh before they decide to go with something so moving into injectable YK 11 so YK 11 is the sketchiest yet most interesting SARM in modern storms in my opinion that’s because it’s it’s a modified steroidal
SARM so most of the storm’s you see on the market are non steroidal this one not so much has a DHT backbone so DHT backbone meaning if you bring up a DHT compound like winstrol testosterone and you compare it to YK 11 it looks very similar chemical structure wise whereas if you compared that to something like Austrian they don’t really look the same so it’s right off the bat chemical
structure wise completely different than all the others arms oral administration has always been insane for me like I said the big interesting part of YK 11 there’s limited data virtually no data on it but the interesting thing about it is its effect on myostatin so Maya Stan is the basically the endcap plateau that stops you from building too much muscle that you can’t sustain and you’ll die so when you look at the Belgian blue cow just google Belgian blue cow that is a
genetically modified Cal that has no Mai of Stan and you see it just eats grass all day and just walks around has massive muscles and you know people have different myostatin levels as well Ronnie Coleman being famous for having naturally really low Maya Stan that’s probably a factor and variable and why he got so big and naturally and was able to compete in the eye of bebe naturally and make it to the Olympia stage naturally obviously took year later on
his career but he made it to the Olympia stage naturally and that probably you know the Maya Stan level being obnoxiously low probably had a lot to do with why he was able to progress so far embody building so that’s why it’s interesting YK xi has been shown in the extremely limited data to lower my of Stan so oral administration was intense it feels like an actual PD Royd very strong right off the bat with injectable
it’s even crazier so if you saw in the beginning of the bench press I my strength just through the roof compared to with the red and my strength was gradually going up with the red but it was night and day strength increase as far as my key 11 being added in it’s like it’s like that scary like you got to strong too fast type strength so that was noted right out right off the bat another issue with YK 11 and one of the
biggest side effects and why stay away from it and why my theories are like short-term if you’re even gonna play around with it is when you learn Maya standard it’s harder on your joints and tendons to keep up so you can lead to joint and tendon issues and that’s what I normally get reported people in my DM boxes joint and tendon side effects with YK 11 I can say I’m on day six or seven again it’s off the top
of my head but I can already feel it in my joints in tendon so you got to take that into consideration you also got to take into consideration that’s DHT meaning hair loss is extreme like hair loss is definitely a factor with YK 11 just like hair loss is a big factor with like winstrol so it’s not gonna cause like little hair loss like if you’re prone to male pattern baldness like this is a DHT based compound it’s going to
have DHT side effects so strength went through the roof muscle fullness through the roof blood pressure really not that affected again with the oral dosing I was you know utilizing it around pre-workout I feel it much longer in my system I don’t know again how long the half-life of this injectable form is or how they’re even you know how the s quote-unquote ester tapers off the
levels or anything but it feels like it’s lasting longer I started off with again just my test base with injectable YK then I want to utilize my theory because I don’t plan on experimenting with YK xi that long because of the joint and hair issues I did want to see how crazy it was because YK 11 is one of the craziest compounds I’m sure people in the comment section can agree with me it’s no joke
and even the most experienced gear users are like what the fuck are you still with YK 11 and you know I completely agree and the injectibles just to step up with greater greater bioavailability than the oral counterpart so yeah my theory would be like my theory was in the previous past videos on YK eleven would be your Maya stand creeps up as the cycle continues meaning when you go on the cycle your body’s going to start to limit the amount of
muscle you gain as the cycle continues that’s why people blast and cruise meaning they go back to a lower dosage crews let their myostatin come back down or they completely get off and let their myostatin come back down my theory would be since YK Levin is so harsh on joints and tendons and stuff because it’s growing muscle way faster than everything else can keep up that you would utilize it at the end of a cycle to lower your myostatin as your
myostatin is quote-unquote raising normally you would put that in to either stop or reverse that which would yield more cycle results more gains and my theory would also be to combine it with a gh pathway so any of the peptides 677 or straight-up HGH what keep IGF even higher which would allow for more muscle growth so my little experiment and I’m only gonna do like one or two episodes because yeah like I’m not running this
this long so apologies but my theory would be in my I’m going to test it would be to again add in IGF des as well as 677 which in this footage I’m utilizing all three of those compounds meaning my igf-1 is extremely high my my of Stan theoretically is low calorie surplus is as much as I can handle and the results of this combination are
pretty crazy because I weighed myself at the gym yesterday at 2:35 and I really haven’t gained much fat at all and it’s a little bit crazy I’m like waking up leaner and fuller every day it’s been wild experience the water weight hasn’t caught up to me with the 677 just yet I might look like a balloon or a blimp next time you see me I’m trying to you know keep the retention to
a minimum so you can actually see the gains but my phonus pumps in the gym my pumps are so painful I remember even the oral administration method my hands would get pumped like everything would get pumped the the mayest an effect is no joke and it’s just a wild one for sure I think Maya stan is the N term game changer as far as muffled muscle growth is concerned with genetic modification
meaning one day in my opinion you’ll be able to just go to a geneticist who has figured out the DNA to a t2 where it’s not dangerous at all to modify genes and they’ll just go in there lower your miles Stan levels a bit and it’ll be way easier to progress in the gym because like I said earlier in this talk Ronnie Coleman had a massive advantage of having low myostatin levels naturally so when you add in gear on top of low my out stan levels which is like
what I’m mimicking with the YK 11 test base and GH pathway which is dit IGF Destin 677 you can see why he was able to progress extremely far and while Stan being you know a my opinion one of the kings of what holds people back obviously calories and everything but like bio chemically speaking I feel like Maya stand is very interesting and we will see even better myostatin
inhibitors and there are ones on the market but there’s no data on them at all or any logs on a metal but we I think that’s the future of muscle growth as far as that goes once they find a safe mayest an inhibitor it could be the biggest game-changer in bodybuilding it would be like you know when gh entered bodybuilding the game-changing physiques you you kind of see that with the myostatin inhibitors I feel like that’s
the next crazy step in freakish big Ramy Monster Mash you know insane unmaintainable physiques but you know people want to see freak type level I think Maya Stan is the next thing on the list gh being you know the last big thing when Dorian brought gh into the scenes and the size and then steroids were the one that you know start a body cooling off so that’s my thoughts currently weighing in at 235
you can see my leanness and definition really hasn’t changed from the rad logs so I’ll keep you posted like I said I’m not going to be utilizing this that long because of all the side effects I mentioned hair loss definitely being an issue as well as joints and tendons not being able to keep up but we’ll see the results I can pull out but I already told you it’s not a why K 11 only anymore I did add in the gh pathway being IGF des when I can six seven seven as well
as test base so that’s what it currently is and I’m excited to see the next couple of days what kind of results I can pull out and then next year we’ll cut it all up and see what I look like shredded so I appreciate everyone who’s been following me and all the new subscribers I will see you guys in my next video [Music]
rap Diablo watching when I traps bark is raised up Smee and Petey Pablo colder than gazpacho colder than the mono rapping head honcho rocking shows like I was born all like Oh slag couple peas on repeat I know the industry a lie all the promises were hollow follow me

Injectable Sarms better than Steroids & oral Sarms?with Tony Huge

What’s up everyone its Russo I hope everyone is doing well please subscribe here and please follow me on instagram at Russo lifts in case something happens to this channel you can follow message me in Iraq with me directly and there’s daily content on there hope to see you guys on Instagram everyone is doing well so I begin a lot of questions about injectibles arm so I wanted to ask Tony because he is probably the most experienced in the world with the joyful arms right now so what are the actual advantages of injecting farms versus
thus arms we know about the past couple years I can tell you what we know and I can tell you what we hypothesize ok so what we know real quick is that when we use them for the transformations in high dosages including your transformation but after you we did some other transformations where we fine-tuned the science even more based on what we learned from a previous transformation and we learned that a high dosage of injectables arms can definitely unequivocally absolutely replace steroids and most people would say this
arms couldn’t do that they’re basing that off the experience that they had with oral arms so I mean I’m not saying that oral SARS can also replace steroids and higher dosages it might just take higher dosages but we know for sure that injectable arms if used correctly and with other elements of the anabolic matrix can replace steroids now what we had pathi size is that it’s much healthier I have some evidence the injectibles arms are much healthier such as people just having less side effects
in general when they go up and higher in the dosages now coach Trevor thinks the reason why we have less side effects is that we’re it’s not passing the SARS are passing through the liver as much and it’s not that their liver toxic it’s that anytime anything passes through the liver it can change the chemistry of it it can break two metabolites and if it has any anabolic properties whatsoever then it could have an impact on our living profile so there’s number one concern force arms because SARS rarely cause
acne its arms at low dosages don’t cost that much shutdown but it’s a higher dosage they kind of shut down okay that’s some concern heart growth is still a concern but less of a concern because of less water retention months arms and water retention is probably the number one culprit of heart growth and that’s why steroids growth hormone and so on besides they’re stimulating the earth will heart that stuff also create that they’re directly create the pressure on the heart from the water retention around the heart so we don’t have that problem we don’t have much
hair loss with SARS so you go down the whole and negative mental effects get on a whole list and so there’s not that many side effects with farms but then as you go up higher higher in the dosage you do see more side effects than when we switch over to injectables were able to go to a much higher dosage with even less side effects and that’s because of charter hypothesis that things aren’t happening it’s complicated me explain what things aren’t happening in the liver as much that’s great downstream effects again not it not that or alarms that bad
anyways because we still don’t see that many side effects but injectable sorenson have even less side effects in general do you think the injectables farms because i get people my DM box for like storm’s you feel like when you’re starting out you know even though I’ve seen pharmacies and competitive bodybuilders stacks people seem to think like or like an intro softcore type deal do you think now that the injectables are coming out do you think that’s gonna change people’s very often you know yeah for
the wrong reason probably because people think that if you’re injecting something that’s more powerful which which isn’t always true if you take an ax drawl and D ball for example they’re more powerful when you take orally than when you inject them because as they go through the liver they’re doing things to stimulate things like IGF and because they break down into certain metabolites that they thought your first back to the liver that they’re gonna be actually more potent than the actual drug itself so I’m not saying that injectables are more powerful just because they’re
injectables but everybody else is gonna think that and now they’re gonna start thinking okay as far as technology is increasing at what point does it reach steroids and I think if you just ask them random personally what they call now that it’s injectable now it reaches a level of terrorism I think I know that they absolutely can replace steroids because of all the transformations we did the most impressive one was done on just SARS I think we had a maybe trt like testosterone 200 milligrams or
something and it is just a foundation so we have some of the natural hormones of testosterone which also converts to estrogen and DHT but the real-world results was that this arm is put on more mass than the steroids and then you have me for example who have experimented with all these different compounds in short little bursts and I know the first thing people think is I should be bigger remember I do short bursts and I kind of let my body come back to baseline and
then I experiment again plus I don’t even train that much and I don’t die don’t think you want to be and I do if I start getting bigger actually cut it back to try to not get too big but my experience is that there’s certain steroids that I did like like Anna draw was really impressive with so when stacked at the right things in great conditions for a shorter period of time and the amount of mass was impressive but it’s highly toxic and then you have a trestle own men
which is really potent song time muscle and then I’m thinking like of the mass gaining steroids what I mean that my first time I did deca was pretty miraculous I don’t know why it was so sensitive that tire I’ve never gotten that effects it’s the first time I’ve tried every other Brian I’m not sure what was in it must have been combining something else or a mega overdose but other than that I’m feeling like what steroid gave me crazy gains that do my mind and it’s only a couple I’m probably well now then they go over to SAR but I think what’s army gave me crazy in that
blew my mind and it was ligand raw injection also oral they can’t draw couldn’t higher dosage accept and then anymore Canadian Trevor was talking about poor reliability of lay control versus the injectable by the availability of what struck lis control okay he coached Trevor our Canadian exposure yeah believes that the of the oral bioavailability of ligand girls very low doesn’t mean it doesn’t work obviously people are taking ten milligrams and it’s extremely effective
so even if one milligram is getting absorbed that’s one hell of one power milligram steroid but we do have other stairs and you know how that sounds so ridiculous like only one milligram it’s absorb how powerful could one milligram be if you look at certain steroids like just one example methyl trail alone is a methyl trenin that’s major than micrograms and that’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever tried not for building mass but for just Russian aggression strength power like visual changes in the body but also extremely toxic don’t
take it’s not worth it but just just as an example or even a low dosage of these arms even if they’re absorb orally or externally effective now imagine if you take if you take it in a form that’s even just twice three times as bioavailable how much more you’re getting out of it when you inject it and then well I was gonna go into the half-life and all that that’s women when we’re taking it oral we’re usually taking it twice a day or something like that to keep some you
need to I’m you don’t but in one of the injectable forms forms it’s time released so we’re injecting only twice a week that’s do it weighed over on the dosage and if it’s still working incredibly well but it’s like Esther it basically yeah it’s it’s similar to being a certified it takes your body time to break it down a bit like time-release bolus in the muscle sitting there just trickling out instead of just hitting your digestive system in your bloodstream or watching
out and and the theory of why that’s better too is that we need whatever you take over a certain dosage then you have more sight like it’s here if your hormone levels are spiking like this every time you go over a certain point you’ve reached the with the law of diminishing returns and with a risk exceed the benefit and then you come down and now you’re not really maximally on bollock and so the goals keep it level steady levels and that’s what the time released to really study if he pushed
Borel high dosage versus injectable high dosage do you notice less side effects with high doses injectable or is it about this thing well he was a weird thing I used to take and I don’t know why I see a lot of this stuff experiment we’re gonna get this data and I’m gonna publish it and see what kind of feedback I get cuz maybe someone also understand but when I would go really high on the world like and roll dosage I would feel hot and tired yeah so I’m on the site the same effect I got take you Maria but one when I go high on the leandro
objection and you get to write and enroll as part of your standing high dosage I didn’t feel that hot tired yucky feeling I mean we felt with arguing but that was from growth hormone I don’t think I felt that same sort of like overdoing it in my body and bollocks so what seems to be happening and this is all hypothesis and theory that needs to be proven well it seems to be happening is it allows us when we go through an injection to go at a higher dosage or even the same dose if you’ve got a lot of ways by a male building by available with just less side effects of
drain on the body and again it’s not a liver toxic so why would the world again roll cause this drain on the body feeling of super high dosage in the injectable lot I don’t know so that was just some input on injectable storms again I want to see what everyone has to say in the comment section I’m going to be interested how people will run their experiments and what they noticed comparing you know the oral to the enjoy

Side Effects With Rad 140 HIGH DOSAGE Inject | Sarms Review


do injectables arms cause cancer I’m gonna give you sort of my quick overview and then I’ll coach Trevor will chime in and that is that I know a lot of people who have used oral SARS for very long periods of time and have no incidence of cancer now some types of cancer can take a long time to appear or be detectable most type of cancers can be tested with a blood test so you can see some indication that there’s some problem or some cancer on a lab work test and we’ve
had a lot of our test subjects provide a lot of different blood work who’ve run very high dosages of SARS for very long periods of time and we have not seen any incidents of cancer that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible and everybody’s different has different predispositions but just so far we haven’t seen it yet now when I talk to doctors about this they say well we don’t know what it could do to your body 30 years from now and I think that’s interesting because we know what a McDonald’s hamburger does to us next week we know what breathing
even just the hot air inside your car if it’s been car parked in a parking lot there breathing toxic fumes from your vinyl fumigating chemicals into the car that you’re breathing we know that you’re drinking carcinogens when you’re drinking out of a plastic water bottle that’s been subjected to heat which oftentimes they are during transportation we know that breathing exhaust is carcinogenic being around gasoline is carcinogenic pretty much everything in our environment is is carcinogenic and we have mechanisms in our body to deal with these that’s why not all of us have
cancer our bodies have the ability to fight cancer so long as we’re able to our body is able to identify it and our immune system is strong enough to kill it and that the cancer isn’t growing fast and faster than we can kill it so I just haven’t seen any evidence of Psalms causing cancer whatsoever some people might be thinking Carter and Carter eenz not a SARM and we address that in other videos but just your knowledge of biology and chemistry do you see now just because you might not
see a pathway in which cancer could be created from this doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist but do you can you see a pathway in which this could cause cancer yeah the same way that steroids can cause cancer when they don’t cause any form of cancer except maybe liver cancer when you take orals is that you have a chemist suit or a chef who is making it and using dirty materials or using some solvents you shouldn’t be using that are cancerous are not grass solvents that you should never be put in your body not only that
does that cause cancer itself but the materials he’s using are all cancer-causing your rubber stoppers cancer-causing it melts your rubber stopper so you inject pur cancer into yourself so to sum everything he said no they don’t okay everything else does that it’s the chemical SARM itself doesn’t cause cancer but the things that it could be mixed with and the bottle it’s packaged in all of these things Kennedy cancer-causing there are more new forms of cancer every year then
there was and what from the 1940s to the 1950s every year there’s at least I mean I actually know I’m sorry it was the last 100 years from that gap so the last hundred years from that gap there’s more cancers being found every year right now sorry meant they cause cancer we would have known by now if it’s not you’re gonna die quicker from your cell phone so that’s true I do cell phones causing me more cancer than any of those supplements that I take i J would be
that’s why I put my cell phone at least on a holster you know what at least a couple extra inches from my balls then if it wasn’t your wife I box is right here the same level it is in most households where most people have such a low testosterone and ball cancer so it’s that Wi-Fi box all right on to the next Instagram question be swollen soul Friends of freedom pine Museum and evolution more cutting-edge content on the daily it’s subscribe button if
the Africa