What is Gonadorelin.?

/What is Gonadorelin.?

What is Gonadorelin.?

Gonadorelin – is one of the hormones produced by the body. It increases the secretion of gonadotropins, which provokes an increase in testosterone levels. Today there are a lot syntactic gonadorelin analogues. They are actively used in sports and bodybuilding.


muscle growth, increase of the testosterone level in blood, improving the sexual life, increase of endurance and strength and great for PCT.

Side effects:

The course of the gonadorelin may cause several side effects such as strong headache,  alteration in bowel habits, allergic reactions, as well as local reactions in the form of congestion. In case of intake process violation there is a possibility of thrombosis.


The following scheme is acceptable: 100-200 mcg every four hours. The course lasts for four weeks and consists of 4 injection per day. Then the pause must be made in order to recover normal operation of organism’s own endocrine organs.

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