What can I stack with Sarmbolone (Injectable Modified S-23).?

/What can I stack with Sarmbolone (Injectable Modified S-23).?

What can I stack with Sarmbolone (Injectable Modified S-23).?

Recommended Stacks:

The “Rage-Aholic” – + Sarmbolone: Producing better strength, energy, hardness and fullness then trenbolone/primobolan combination.

The “The Greek God” – + WinniVar: If you want the most effective pre-contest shred, this is the stack for it. Effective for getting that water off in the last few weeks and bringing out every fiber onstage.

Recommended length of cycle:

*The parent compound was intended to be a male contraceptive, but still allow rapid recovery when discontinued.”* Personal preference, or until unwanted effects occur. Good to rotate and anabolic when a side effect occurs or want to change the desired effect.

Dosage: Male 24-36 mg female 6-12 mg

Because of its form the breakdown is increased by 8/10ths of a day. Further increasing its life in the body, giving the injection frequency to every day or every other day.

Side effects:

Androgenic side effects can be common, increases in irritability, aggression, shut down and acne can occur.

Main effects:

Massive strength and energy increase, fat loss, aggression and true recomposition effect.

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