What can I stack with Magnalone (Injectable Modified LGD-4033).?

/What can I stack with Magnalone (Injectable Modified LGD-4033).?

What can I stack with Magnalone (Injectable Modified LGD-4033).?

Recommend Stacks:

The “Juggernaut” – + Follitonic: When the immovable Object Meets the unstoppable force. The most powerful combination in the realm of anabolics, with unrivaled mass gains making it the absolute.

The “Hulk” – + Sarmbolone: Otherwise known as The Big Veiny Triumphant Bastard, is a powerful combination like a supertest and nanadrolone combination with no extracellular water retention. Mainly intracellular water , or “pump” without the bloating. Able to grow at the same rate while losing body fat and increasing vascularity.

Recommended length of cycle:

Personal preference or until unwanted effects occur. Good to rotate any anabolic when a side effect occurs or want to change the desired effect.

Dosage: Male 12-30 mg Female 6-12 mg

LGD has a natural half-life of 24 hrs and because of its form the breakdown is increased by 8/10ths of a day. Further increasing its life in the body, giving the injection frequency to every other day or every third day.

Side effects:

Sense of well-being, mild natural test production shutdown in higher amounts.

Main Effects:

Strength, size, mass and joint pain relief.

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