Using SARMS as a Bridge Between STEROID CYCLE

/Using SARMS as a Bridge Between STEROID CYCLE

Using SARMS as a Bridge Between STEROID CYCLE

Using SARMS as a Bridge Between STEROID Cycle


STEROID Cycle“Oral SARMS are very effective to use as a bridge between steroid cycles, but the dosage used is very important. I say this because whenever you take an oral SARM you are still affecting shut down. However, it’s dose-dependent so a small or low dosage can be used. However, using significant dosages will cause a shutdown, negating the point of bridging. That’s how I like to look at it. The alternative route would be to use injectable because of less suppression.

With injectable SARMS, there’s no first pass of the liver. This means that the entire cholesterol, SHBG, DHEA, DHT cascade effect is skipped, resulting in less suppression of the HPTA.

A lot of people use Ostarine as a bridge between steroid cycles because it has the most research backing it. LGD at a low dosage would be even more effective because you will get a greater anabolic effect. For a man, I would use 10mg of injectable LGD every other day as a bridge.

Injectable S4 is another great SARM to bridge with. Injecting S4 increases the elimination time. Oral S4 needs to be taken multiple times per day, but the injectable version only needs to be taken every day or every other day. I would use 25-50mg of injectable S4 per day as a bridge. I don’t recommend oral S4 for bridging, the suppression is too strong.

Add Gw-501516 into your bridge has huge benefits because it helps lower cortisol, helps with cholesterol, helps increase muscle insulin sensitivity.

Women would also benefit from using SARMS as a bridge between steroid cycles.

I also recommend all my clients use DHEA supplements during a bridge. Men should use 100-200mg/day. Women should use 50- 100mg/day.”


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