Ostalone (Modified Ostarine)

/Ostalone (Modified Ostarine)

Ostalone (Modified Ostarine)

Ostalone (Modified Ostarine)



A mild SARM in its oral form, Ostalone is a far more potent and bioavailable anabolic that rivals powerful steroids. It increases strength and performance, improves recovery, maintains and even builds dry hard muscles on a calorie deficit.  


Side Effects

Although injectable has less potential side effects, women test subjects at only 10mg noticed virilization side effects. This doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing for women, it’s just that Ostalone is so much more potent than Ostarine that whereas a woman may take 5-10mg of oral Ostarine safely, she would likely drop the dosage down to 2mg of Ostalone, or 5mg every other day.  



*still under experimentation*


Injection Frequency

The natural half-life of Ostarine is 24 hours but being modified to injectable resulted in an increased breakdown by 8/10ths of a day, further prolonging its life in the body, giving the injection frequency to every other day or every third day.


Recommended Injection Sites

Glute, medial deltoid, quadriceps, tricep, bicep, chest


Syringe Type and Needle Gauge

Insulin syringe 29g x 1/2″


Recommended Cycle Length

Best taken until desired results are obtained, and only ran before events, or 3 days a week for maintenance.  


Main effects:

Increases strength Hardens muscles
Improves recovery Protects muscle from breakdown


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