Magnalone (Modified LGD-4033)

/Magnalone (Modified LGD-4033)

Magnalone (Modified LGD-4033)

Magnalone (Modified LGD-4033)



A potent mass builder without the excess water retention due to other hormone increasing or sensitivity to sodium. Most comparable to Nandrolone Deaconate and Dbol hybrid. Giving lots of strength and size without excess bloating. Incredible pumps.


Side Effects

Sense of well-being, mild shutdown in higher amounts




  • Beginner: 10-20mg
  • Intermediate:  20-30mg
  • Advanced: 30-80mg


  • Beginner: 10mg
  • Intermediate: 10-20mg
  • Advanced: 20-30mg


Injection Frequency

LGD has a natural half-life of 24 hours but by being modified to injectable resulted in an increased breakdown by 8/10ths of a day, further prolonging its life in the body, giving the injection frequency to every other day or every third day and every fourth day for the XR version.


Recommended Injection Sites

Glute, medial deltoid, quadriceps, tricep, bicep, chest


Syringe Type and Needle Gauge

Insulin syringe either 25g, 26g, or 27g depending on preference


Recommend Cycle Length

Personal preference, or until unwanted effects start. Good to rotate any anabolic when a side effect occurs or want to change the desired effect.


Recommend Stack

The “Juggernaut” – +Follitonic: When the immovable Object Meets the unstoppable force. The most powerful combination in the realm of anabolics, with unrivaled mass gains making it the absolute.

The “Hulk” – +Sarmbolone – Otherwise known as The big veiny triumphant Bastard, is a powerful combination like a Supertest and nandrolone combination with no extracellular water retention, mainly intracellular water, or “pump” without the bloating. Able to grow at the same rate while losing body fat and increasing vascularity.


Main effects

Strength Size
Mass Joint pain relief


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